Owner & CEO

Tora' majority owner and CEO, Ray Ling, founded the company in 1993. Prior to founding Tora, Ray had a background in manufacturing and small business ownership. This instilled in Ray the fundamentals to achieve top quality, excellent customer service and a competitive price in all that we do. Ray hires competent, trustworthy people and empowers them to make key decisions. He believes this instills pride in the entire team and he encourages all of us to do the right thing for the Customer and Tora. Exceeding the customer’s expectations is our top goal, and under Ray’s guidance, Tora has seen constant growth while practicing this philosophy.


Quality Manager

Chris Wright was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario and has been a Niagara resident his entire life. Chris graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University where he received an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. Chris currently holds the position of Quality Manager at Tora Inc. since 1996.

Thoughout his years of working at Tora Inc., Chris has maintained a professional attitude when dealing with a variety of co-workers and customers on a daily basis. He handles all customer requests with the utmost importance. Organization is one of his biggest strengths and reports are always sent and concerns answered in a timely manner. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in inspection methods, rework, gauging, and non-destructive examination (such as magnetic particle and liquid penetrant testing). Most recently, he achieved his Level 2 designation in Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

Dave Kreamer

Operations Supervisor 

Dave has spent more than 25 years in the automotive industry. His keen desire to learn excelled him through various positions in all of the disciplines from inspection, through material handling and logistics, to warehouse storage. He was promoted to supervisor at all of these stations and is now our very competent operations supervisor.

On a daily basis, he is in constant contact with several suppliers and customers, and manages all incoming and outgoing loads, while adhering to our strictly regimented FIFO criteria.
His relationships with our employees, our customers and his peers is nothing short of excellent, and all the while maintaining a sense of urgency commensurate with our customers needs.

Al Ingraham

Operations  Manager

Al has been with TORA almost since our beginning. As the Operations Manager, he has full responsibility for all manpower, scheduling, training and constant improvement.

His interpersonal skills enhance his dealings with our employees, suppliers and customers. His attention to detail and low tolerance for missed deadlines is a trait that our customers have praised us for. Tora's ISO 9001, 2015 Quality program, as managed by Al is widely accepted as a benchmark by our customers, and further reflects his determination for excellence.

Al takes prides in our dedication to FIFO, traceability and adherence to schedules, regardless of the nature of our involvement, be it warehouse storage, re-packing, containment or re-work.